At BTLC, we believe in meaningful, quality education for children with special needs. We support each student in our program to achieve a high level of success by providing educational opportunities that are flexible and tailored to his/her individual needs. We want learning for each of our students to occur rapidly, systematically and be quickly generalized. We believe that Big Things Can (and SHOULD) Happen for children with special needs.

Picture of circle time

BTLC works because we are dedicated to providing:

  • A high level of support (high staff to student ratio)
  • Small class size that means individual time and attention for each student in the program, and the flexibility to meet each of our student’s learning needs at every moment of the school day
  • More programming hours (learning time) than most other preschools
  • High density of learning, that is, an intensive program with repeated opportunities to practice skills; research shows that the greater the intensity of programming for children with autism, the greater the outcome for the child
  • Effective research-based teaching techniques

Most importantly, we teach the way children with ASD learn. By using the principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis and Discrete Trial Teaching within a group format, we maximize each child’s learning, and give them the best chance at reaching their potential. We truly feel that we are laying the foundation for an optimistic future for the children in our programs and their families.